Design, Enginneering, manufacturing, sale of mobile stage, covered or not, on semi trailer



Manufacturing and engeeniring of specific pieces, laser cutting, folding ...


Advise and sales of scenic equipment, mobile stage, trussing, tower ....




STAGEMASTER was created in 2011, with the aim of bringing new solutions in scenic equipment or complement to existing product. Lionel Voltzenlogel, owner of the company, is involved in this product for more than 15 years, surrounded with a professionals team, Engineering, consulting and manufacturing, we wish to bring you new products adapted to your needs.

A new range of mobile stage was designed, in association with rentals company, working with several years with various brands, to answer to your request. It results from it easier, faster products, with a good quality and finish.

We are specialized in the custom- made manufacturing :

Giga tower, steal truss of 800 mm to raise in 25m height 2.5 tons of sound and light

Mega tower , with heavy bases of 1 500 kg, multidepartures, which adapt themselves to the standard Europeans brands

Specific top section … …

Our product answer the last norms (Eurocodes 0, 1, 3, and 9 )

Our ground of action is national and international :

Installation of scenic machinery in the Strasbourg Opera ( France)

Mobile stage in France, Cameroon, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Belgium …

Giga tower on the red Square in Moscow ( Russia)


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